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What Do Our Clients Have to Say About Wisconsin Lawn Sprinkler Corporation?



This summer is our 30th anniversary as Wisconsin Lawn Sprinkler customer! In all those years, there's never been a problem you couldn't fix, and there's never been a moment of worry for us. It's such a pleasure, as homeowners, to deal with a company that actually does exactly what it says it's going to do, when it says it's going to do it. Everyone at Wisconsin Lawn is professional, courteous, efficient, honest, and also just plain nice! Thank you for 30 years of great service; we look forward to the next 30! Time sure flies when you're having fun!  

Thanks again,  

Marilyn and David Samson  

Deerfield, IL


<img src=" Campbell Yard.jpg"alt="Campbell Yard 2015"/> 
<img src=" Campbell Yard.jpg"alt="Campbell Yard 2 2015"/> 

A few years ago we had Wisconsin Lawn Sprinkler install the sprinkler system at our new house. I was very happy with the install and the follow-up service. Recently we had one issue that Jeff quickly diagnosed and fixed. It is a great to have good customer service when we call or need help. I would recommend this company! Lance Campbell, Kenosha, WI

<img src=" Cigan Yard.jpg"alt=Cigan"/><img src=" Cigan 2 Yard.jpg"alt=Cigan"/> 

My sprinkler system broke over the winter.  I called Wisconsin Lawn Sprinkler. They were at my house within 1 week Jeff and his son are very professional, reliable and provide excellent customer service. I would highly recommend this company! I have the best looking yard in the neighborhood and the only one with a sprinkler system.  Mary Cigan, Racine, WI






<img src=" Haney Yard.jpg"alt=Haney"/> 



<img src=" Haney Yard 2.jpg"alt=Haney"/> 


Here's our landscaping and it looks awesome after you installed our  sprinkler system.

Thank you,

Judy Haney and Rexx (our dog) Gurnee, IL




<img src=""alt=AWI 2015"/> 


When our new facility in Franksville WI. was built ten years ago, Wisconsin Lawn Sprinkler was our choice for the design/build requirement. It was the correct choice. The project came in on time and on budget. The system has performed flawlessly every season since. The people at Wisconsin Lawn Sprinkler are professional and easy to work with and the service is second to none. I would highly recommend Wisconsin Lawn Sprinkler for your next underground sprinkler project.


David Cooke

Business Manager 

AWI Metal Fabrication

14105 Two Mile Road

Franksville, WI 53126

P - 262-835-9560

F - 262-835-9570

C - 262-989-6941




<img src=" Wenta Yard.jpg"alt=Wenta"/><img src=" Wenta Yard.jpg"alt=Wenta 2"/><img src=" Wenta Yard.jpg"alt=Wenta 3"/> 
Kandia Wenta, Pleasant Prairie, WI 2015


"My sprinkler system was never finished by a previous contractor... Wisconsin Lawn Sprinkler helped me out when I was in a bind; they provided an honest quote and completed the installation of my system, meeting all my requirements!  Excellent Service!  My sprinkler system now works great!" 


Susan DeBartolo

Pleasant Prairie, WI



img src=""alt=lawnsprinklers Cury"/) 


"I have had Wisconsin Lawn Sprinkler for over 10 years and have been exceptionally pleased with the sprinkler system  they installed, it's ease of operation, and the excellent service I receive.  I would hardily recommend their services to anyone.  L. Curry, Glenview, IL"



img src=" Kenosha WI 2014.jpg"alt=lawn sprinklers"/>   


"Our watering system is complicated; lawn, bushes, flowers-but Wisconsin Lawn Sprinkler makes it all happen so we don’t have to worry.  We are happy with their care and service!” Nancy Piasecki, owner of Piasecki-Althaus.




We have been customers of Wisconsin Lawn Sprinkler for many years, and although they did not initially install our system (a poor decision that we're still paying for!), they have been outstanding in troubleshooting and maintenance. They take the time to explain the issues, and provide excellent customer service.  I would highly recommend this company!

Helene Sobin

Kenosha, WI






<img src=" Dimitrijevic Yard.jpg"alt=Rade"/> 

<img src=" Dimitrijevic Yard.jpg"alt=Rade 2"/> 

Patrice, "We are extremely happy with the outcome of our in-ground sprinkler system.  Our lawn was newly seeded and presented many shade/sun challenges.  Wisconsin Lawn Sprinkler provided professional, affordable, and customer focused service.  We highly recommend Wisconsin Lawn Sprinkler in providing solutions for your lawn care needs".

Cindy & Rade Dimitrijevic




 <img src=" Andrea Yard.jpg"alt=Andrea"/>

Our family has been a customer of Wisconsin Lawn Sprinkler since the mid-1980s. They've always provided exceptional and courteous service at competitive prices. They're a pleasure to work with.

Alan A

Lake Forest, IL



I was very pleased with the work performed this morning at 4410 13th Street.  Your brother and his assistant knew exactly what to do and were very efficient in completing the several repairs and adjustments. 

I wish all customer service was as professional as Wisconsin Lawn Sprinkler.


Mike Howard

Somers, WI



We have used Wisconsin Lawn Sprinkler since 1990; we are considered the greenest prettiest yard on our street. We love to see 'our guy - Jeff' come and start it going in the spring and then we welcome him back in the fall to turn off the system. It is a flawless system that just waters the flowers and lawn on a timer.

Irene Maloney

Libertyville, IL


July 7, 2009

We have been in our house 23 years. We have had Wisconsin Lawn Sprinkler Corp. for the entire time. They are meticulous in their work and make helpful suggestions. Any question/problem/comment/contact that we have ever made to them has been handled quickly and professionally. We are happy that we chose them.

Ginny and Jeff Schuett

Riverwoods, IL



We selected Wisconsin Lawn Sprinkler because we were hoping to find a reliable company that would make it easy to keep our lawn green. The system that they installed is easy to program. When we need assistance Wisconsin Lawn Sprinkler is always there on time. Their pricing is reasonable too. Overall we are very happy with the value we receive.


John Weiss, Kenosha, WI



I think your web site is great and hopefully a good way to continue growing your business. You guys always do a great job; trustworthy, knowledgeable, and reliable. Thanks for many excellent years of service!

Judy Kestner - Arlington Heights, IL


Great sprinkler system!Very user friendly, great service, very good people too work with.Love my yard now that I have a good watering system - just makes it so much less time consuming and the grass looks great! Thanks again.Roger Slater, 6328 Biscayne Avenue, Racine, WI


I have been a client for many years with Wisconsin Lawn Sprinkler. They are very proactive which is what I like. They remind me in the fall and spring to set up the blow down and startup. They set up a time and have NEVER failed to be there on the date AND time they say they will be there. They make the necessary repairs and I am all set to be the envy of my neighborhood with green grass for the summer.

Bob Lee, Jr.


Lee Plumbing Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

2915 60th Street

Kenosha, WI53140


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