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Question:  Why should I choose Wisconsin Lawn Sprinkler Corporation for my custom-designed, sprinkler system?
Answer:  We are a trustworthy, reliable, small business and have been since 1962.
  • Years of experience (since 1962) installing, maintaining, and servicing sprinkler systems
  • Professional designer and experienced crew
  • Licensed plumbers, insured, and bonded, CCCDI Certified to test and install R.P.Z.'s (Reduced Pressurized Backflow Devices)
  • Reliable service/maintenance
  • Commitment to our clients
  • Competent and courteous customer service


Question:  What is involved in getting an estimate for an underground, lawn sprinkler system?


Answer:  We will need the following information from the Owner:

  • Legal name of Owner
  • Physical address of property (are you in a Subdivision?)
  • Billing address, if different than physical address
  • Contact telephone numbers
  • A meeting on-site, access to the water supply (usually in the basement), and access to the garage - usually (wherever a controller can be installed)
  • Any landscape drawings of your property, if applicable
  • Plat-of-Survey of the property
  • Please let us know how you heard about us


Question: How much does a lawn sprinkler system cost?


Answer: Every system is custom-designed and a cost can only be determined after an on-site visit is done (and after permit costs are determined).


Question:  Is a permit required to install a lawn sprinkler system?


Answer:  Most Ordinances do have permit fees and requirements that must be met, along with State Codes. These fees and requirements vary per Ordinance.


QuestionHow does a lawn sprinkler system save me money?


Answer:  Having a regulated, automatic, watering schedule provides optimal watering for various applications throughout your landscape. (How many times have you left a hose unattended only to remember way too late..?)


Question:  Will you service my system after it is installed?


Answer: Yes, definitely! Upon request, we will do a spring service start-up, a fall service winterizing of the sprinkler system, or any other service/maintenance that is required or requested. Call (262) 859-2801 for current rates or email


Question: What if I have more questions?

Answer:  Call us at (262) 859-2801 or email and we will be happy to answer your questions.